Best-selling smartphones for the first half of 2023

In the modern world, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. These devices allow us to stay connected, access information, entertain ourselves, and much more. In the global smartphone market, two giants – Apple and Samsung – remain the top-selling brands.

best selling smartphones 2023

According to the published statistics from the analytical company Omdia, the best-selling smartphones in the first half of 2023 were the iPhone 14 Pro Max (26.5 million), iPhone 14 Pro (21 million), and iPhone 14 (16.5 million). The sales chart of the top 10 most popular smartphone models in the first half of 2023 includes only two brands: iPhone and Samsung. For example, iPhone 14 Pro sales reached 21 million, while the Samsung Galaxy A14 sold 12.4 million units. The overall smartphone shipments on the global market have decreased compared to the previous year. For instance, sales of the iPhone 14 Pro Max decreased by 7.2 million units compared to the previous year. This trend also applies to the iPhone 13 model. If last year the number of iPhone 13 smartphones sold during the same period was 33.7 million units, in the first half of 2023, only 15.5 million units were sold.

Apple, founded by Steve Jobs in 1976, is known for its innovative approach to product development. The company produces the iPhone, which is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. The latest model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, became the best-selling smartphone in the first half of this year, selling over 26 million units. The distinguishing features of the iPhone are its high-quality camera, powerful processor, and stylish design.

Sales table of the best-selling smartphones for the first half of 2023:

RankSmartphone ModelSales (in millions)
1iPhone 14 Pro Max26.5
2iPhone 14 Pro21
3iPhone 1416.5
4iPhone 1315.5
5Samsung Galaxy A1412.4
6Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra9.6
7Samsung Galaxy A14 5G9
8Samsung Galaxy A54 5G8.8
9Samsung Galaxy A34 5G7.1
10iPhone 116.9

Note: The data is presented in millions of units.

Samsung, a South Korean company, is the main competitor of Apple and also has a large market share in smartphones. Samsung offers a wide range of models, from budget to flagship. The sales chart for the first half of 2023 features several models of Samsung Galaxy, which hold high positions in sales. Samsung Galaxy A14 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are the most popular models of this brand.

Despite both companies being market leaders in smartphones, they have their own characteristics. iPhone is known for its ecosystem approach and unique combination of hardware and software solutions. Samsung, on the other hand, offers more variety in models and more affordable prices.

Despite the overall decline in global smartphone shipments, sales of iPhone 14 Pro Max remain impressive. The decrease compared to the previous year can be explained by market saturation, decreased purchasing power of the population, and competition from other manufacturers. However, Apple and Samsung continue to be in demand and offer innovative solutions in the world of smartphones.

Overall, the smartphone market remains dynamic and competitive, with Apple and Samsung as leaders, continuing to hold their positions. Customers always expect new technologies and improvements from these companies, and they continue to surprise us with their innovations.

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