The best-selling car in the first quarter of 2023

The results for the first quarter of 2023 on the global automotive market have surprised with their outcomes. It turned out that the best-selling car was the Tesla Model Y – the first electric car to occupy the leading position in the sales ranking.

According to data from Jato Dynamics, in the first quarter of 2023, Tesla Model Y sold 267,200 units worldwide. At the same time, Toyota Corolla and RAV4 took second and third place in the global sales ranking, with 256,400 and 214,700 units sold, respectively.

The best-selling carin the first quarter of 2023

Despite the significant price difference, Tesla Model Y beat Toyota in terms of units sold. The price of the Model Y starts at $47,490, which is significantly higher than the Corolla ($21,550) and RAV4 ($27,575).

Sales table for the 1st quarter of 2023: the most popular car models in the world

Car BrandNumber of Units Sold
Tesla Model Y267,200
Toyota Corolla256,400
Toyota RAV4214,700

Thus, Model Y demonstrated an impressive sales growth of around 69% compared to last year. Recall that Elon Musk back in 2016 announced that Model Y would attract demand at the level of 500 thousand to 1 million units per year.

Price table for cars: Tesla Model Y, Toyota Corolla, Toyota RAV4

Car BrandPrice
Tesla Model Y$47,490
Toyota Corolla$21,550
Toyota RAV4$27,575

Overall, the first quarter of 2023 was successful for Tesla and confirmed the growing interest in electric cars. Considering Model Y’s achievements, it can be assumed that electric cars will continue to gain popularity and become more accessible to consumers in the future.

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