AMD’s Financial Indicators for Different Years

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is a global leader in semiconductor and electronic technologies. The company was founded in 1969 and currently has its headquarters in Santa Clara. AMD is engaged in the production and development of high-performance processors, graphics cards, and other components for computers and servers. As of now, the company’s market capitalization is $171.407 billion. According to data for 2022, the annual revenue is $25 billion, and the annual net income is $1.32 billion. AMD has 1.616 billion shares outstanding. AMD operates in the electronics technology sector and is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of products, including processors for desktop computers, laptops, and servers, graphics cards, accelerators, and other components. The CEO of AMD is Lisa T. Su. Under her leadership, the company has made significant progress and has become one of the key players in the industry. Currently, AMD has around 25,000 employees worldwide and continues to grow and innovate to meet the needs of its customers. Additional information about AMD and its products is available on the official website The ISIN code for AMD shares is US0079031078.

AMD’s Financial Indicators

The information is updated every six months

Key data about AMD:

NameKey data about AMD
Market capitalization$171.407 billion
Net income for 2022$1.3 billion
Annual revenue for 2022$25 billion
Shares outstanding1.616 billion
SectorElectronic technology
CEOLisa T. Su
HeadquartersSanta Clara
Year founded1969
ISIN codeUS0079031078

AMD’s revenue for different years and quarters:

YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Total Revenue
2023$5 billion$5 billion
2022$6 billion$7 billion$6 billion$6 billion$25 billion
2021$3 billion$4 billion$4 billion$5 billion$16 billion
2020$2 billion$2 billion$3 billion$3 billion$10 billion
2019$1 billion$2 billion$2 billion$2 billion$7 billion
2018$2 billion$2 billion$2 billion$1 billion$7 billion
2017$984 million$1 billion$2 billion$1 billion$5 billion

AMD’s net income for different years and quarters:

YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Total Net Income
2023-$139 million$27 million
2022$786 million$447 million$66 million$21 million$1.32 billion
2021$555 million$710 million$923 million$974 million$3.16 billion
2020$162 million$157 million$390 million$2 billion$2.71 billion
2019$16 million$35 million$120 million$170 million$341 million
2018$81 million$116 million$102 million$38 million$337 million
2017-$73 million-$16 million$75 million$57 million$43 million

AMD’s market capitalization for different years:

YearAMD Market Capitalization ($ billion)
2023$183 billion
2022$105 billion
2021$233 billion
2020$149 billion
2019$74 billion
2018$29 billion
2017$17 billion

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