Financial Performance of Apple over the Years

On this page of the website, you will find all the key financial indicators of Apple, which will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial position. Apple’s market capitalization stands at a staggering $3.08 trillion, which is one of the highest in the industry. The dividend yield for the last fiscal year was 0.49%, confirming the reliability of investing in Apple stocks. The company’s annual net income reached an impressive $99.803 billion, indicating stable growth and successful management strategy. Sales revenue for the year amounted to $394.328 billion, highlighting the popularity and demand for Apple products in the market. The company has issued 15.729 billion shares, making it one of the largest players in the industry. Apple is a key player in the electronics sector, specializing in the production of telecommunications equipment. Timothy Donald Cook holds the position of CEO of the company, and his leadership plays a crucial role in Apple’s success. You can find additional information about the company on the official website The main headquarters is located in Cupertino. The company has over 164,000 employees. Founded in 1976, Apple has since become one of the most innovative and profitable companies in the world. The company’s ISIN code is US0378331005. The information on this page is updated every six months.

Financial Performance of Apple

Key financial indicators of Apple (as of the end of July 2023)

Market Capitalization$3.08 trillion
Dividend Yield (FY)0.49%
Net Income$99.803 billion
Revenue$394.328 billion
Shares Outstanding15.729 billion
SectorElectronic Technology
IndustryTelecommunications Equipment
CEOTimothy Donald Cook
ISIN CodeUS0378331005

Apple’s revenue for different years: from 2017 to 2023

YearQ4Q3Q2Q1Total Revenue
2023$95 billion$117 billion
2022$90 billion$83 billion$97 billion$124 billion$394 billion
2021$83 billion$81 billion$90 billion$111 billion$365 billion
2020$65 billion$60 billion$58 billion$92 billion$275 billion
2019$64 billion$54 billion$58 billion$84 billion$260 billion
2018$63 billion$53 billion$61 billion$88 billion$265 billion
2017$53 billion$45 billion$53 billion$78 billion$229 billion

Net profit of Apple for different years: from 2017 to 2023

YearQ4Q3Q2Q1Total Net Income
2023$24 billion$30 billion
2022$21 billion$19 billion$25 billion$35 billion$100 billion
2021$21 billion$22 billion$24 billion$29 billion$96 billion
2020$13 billion$11 billion$11 billion$22 billion$57 billion
2019$14 billion$10 billion$12 billion$20 billion$56 billion
2018$14 billion$12 billion$14 billion$20 billion$60 billion
2017$11 billion$9 billion$18 billion$11 billion$49 billion

Apple Market Capitalization by Year

YearApple Market Cap ($)
2022$2.191 trillion
2021$2.254 trillion
2020$1.841 trillion
2019$3.573 trillion
2018$896 billion
2017$611 billion

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