Nvidia’s Financial Performance Over the Years

Nvidia is an American company founded in 1993. It is one of the leading manufacturers of graphics processors and chips for computers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia specializes in the development and production of semiconductor electronics. It offers innovative solutions in the field of graphics, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. The company creates powerful graphics processors used in the gaming industry, visualization, scientific research, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles. Nvidia has significant market potential, as evidenced by its high market capitalization of $1.137 trillion. The company also has a stable dividend yield of 0.03% and an annual net income of $4.368 billion with annual revenue of $26.974 billion. There are 2.47 billion shares of the company in circulation. Nvidia’s CEO is Jensen Huang. The company has over 26,000 employees who work on the development and production of innovative electronic technology solutions.

Financial indicators of Nvidia

The information is updated every six months.

Key data about Nvidia:

Key DataValue
Market Capitalization$1.137 trillion
Dividend Yield (FY)0.03%
Annual Net Income$4.368 billion
Annual Revenue$26.974 billion
Shares Outstanding2.47 billion
SectorElectronic Technology
CEOJensen Huang
HeadquartersSanta Clara
Founding Date1993
ISIN CodeUS67066G1040

Revenue of Nvidia for different years and quarters

YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Annual Revenue
2023$7 billion$14 billion
2022$8 billion$7 billion$6 billion$6 billion$27 billion
2021$6 billion$7 billion$7 billion$8 billion$28 billion
2020$3 billion$4 billion$5 billion$5 billion$17 billion
2019$2 billion$3 billion$3 billion$3 billion$11 billion
2018$3 billion$3 billion$3 billion$2 billion$11 billion
2017$2 billion$2 billion$3 billion$3 billion$10 billion
2016$1 billion$1 billion$2 billion$2 billion$6 billion

Net profit of Nvidia for different years and quarters

YearQ1Q2Q3Q4Total Net Profit
2023$2 billion$6 billion
2022$2 billion$656 million$680 million$1 billion$4.3 billion
2021$2 billion$2 billion$2 billion$3 billion$9 billion
2020$917 million$622 million$1 billion$1 billion$3.539 billion
2019$394 million$553 million$898 million$951 million$2.796 billion
2018$1 billion$1 billion$1 billion$566 million$3.566 billion

Market capitalization of Nvidia for different years (in trillions and billions)

YearMarket Capitalization (in trillions and billions)
2023$1.044 trillion
2022$364 billion
2021$732 billion
2020$325 billion
2019$587 billion
2018$83 billion
2017$122 billion

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