TOP 20 best stocks of US companies for AI investments

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important and integral to various sectors. US companies are actively investing in the development and application of AI, with many of them being leaders in this field. The website has compiled a ranking of the best stocks in the USA that are involved in artificial intelligence. These companies belong to different sectors such as technology, manufacturing, software development, data analytics, electronic payments, payment technologies, medicine, and cloud computing. After all, AI will actively penetrate different sectors.

Best US Stocks to Invest in Artificial Intelligence

TOP 20 best stocks of US companies for AI investments

CompanyIndustryCompany Sphere
Alphabet Inc.Internet searchTechnological giant
Apple Inc.Electronics productionTechnological giant
Microsoft CorporationSoftware developmentTechnological giant Inc.Retail tradeTechnological giant
Meta PlatformsSocial mediaTechnological giant
Tesla Inc.Electric vehicle productionAutomotive industry
IBM CorporationIT consultingInformation technology
Nvidia CorporationGraphics processor productionComputer hardware
Intel CorporationMicroprocessor productionComputer hardware
Qualcomm Inc.Semiconductor productionComputer hardware
Cisco Systems Inc.Network equipment productionComputer hardware
Oracle CorporationSoftware developmentInformation technology
Adobe Inc.Software developmentGraphic design
Netflix Inc.Video streamingEntertainment
IBM Watson HealthMedical technologyHealthcare
Palantir TechnologiesData analyticsCybersecurity Inc.Cloud computingCRM system provider
Visa Inc.Payment technologyFinancial services
Mastercard IncorporatedPayment technologyFinancial services
Paypal Holdings Inc.Electronic paymentsFinancial services

Among them, notable technology giants include Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Inc. These companies are known for their innovative developments in internet search, electronics manufacturing, software development, and retail. They have tremendous potential for further development and integration of artificial intelligence into their operations.

It is also worth noting companies specializing in other industries but actively applying AI. For example, Tesla Inc. is a leader in electric vehicle manufacturing, while IBM Watson Health develops medical technologies. Palantir Technologies specializes in data analytics in cybersecurity, and Inc. provides cloud computing and CRM systems.

Companies involved in computer hardware manufacturing, such as Nvidia Corporation, Intel Corporation, and Qualcomm Inc., are also actively developing and applying artificial intelligence in their products. These companies produce essential components (processors, graphics accelerators) for training AI models.

The financial sector has also embraced the development and application of AI. Companies like Visa Inc., Mastercard Incorporated, and PayPal Holdings Inc. offer payment technologies and electronic payments using the latest AI developments.

These and other companies in the top 20 best stocks for AI investments represent a wide range of sectors where artificial intelligence plays an important role. Investing in such companies can be a profitable and promising move for those interested in the development and application of AI in the modern world.

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