Nvidia is the leading beneficiary in the AI market. Is it worth buying shares now?

Nvidia, one of the leading manufacturers of graphics processors, has gained attention for its role in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields. In this article, we will examine several facts confirming the positive trends in the company’s growth and discuss whether it is currently a good time to buy Nvidia shares.

Is it worth buying Nvidia stocks now

The first important fact is the significant increase in Nvidia’s stock price this year. Over the past few months, their value has risen by more than 200%. This indicates that investors see potential for the company’s growth in the near future.

Another important prospect for Nvidia is the AI processor market, which is expected to increase eightfold by 2030. This means that the demand for Nvidia’s products, which are a key component for training neural networks, will continue to grow.

In 2023, a historic event occurred for Nvidia. The company became the first semiconductor manufacturer with a market capitalization exceeding $1 trillion. This confirms the growth potential and investor trust in the company.

A partnership agreement with Google is another important step for Nvidia. It will allow the company to expand the application of AI technologies and strengthen its presence in the market.

These impressive results are also reflected in Nvidia’s financial indicators. The projected sales growth in the current quarter is expected to be 170%, and adjusted earnings per share have exceeded analysts’ expectations.

The company’s revenue doubled to $13.51 billion on an annual basis and increased by 88% compared to the previous quarter. Net income has also significantly increased, reaching $6.19 billion. These indicators demonstrate the financial stability and success of the company.

Nvidia’s core business areas have also shown impressive growth. Revenue from data center business increased by 171%, and revenue from the gaming division grew by 22%. Despite some revenue reduction in the graphics chip business, the overall picture remains positive.

Generative AI models have become one of the main drivers of AI popularity in the past year. Nvidia, as one of the leading manufacturers of graphics processors, has been a major beneficiary of this growth. The interest from government agencies, big tech companies, and startups purchasing Nvidia graphics processors for training neural networks only confirms this trend.

Neural networks that require Nvidia graphics processors for training create additional demand for the company’s products. This means that Nvidia has a significant advantage in the market and will continue to enjoy demand in the near future.

Is it worth buying Nvidia stocks now?

Analytical conclusion:

Nvidia is one of the main beneficiaries of the growth of the artificial intelligence (AI) market. The company has demonstrated impressive growth both financially and in terms of partnerships and expanding the application of AI technologies. The price of Nvidia stocks has significantly increased, and the company’s market capitalization has exceeded $1 trillion. The expected sales growth and sales volume are also positive factors for investors. Nvidia’s business in data centers and gaming division has also shown good results. Neural networks require Nvidia graphics processors for training, and the company is a leader in the graphics processor market. Considering all these factors, buying Nvidia stocks can be justified and promising.

Taking into account all the aforementioned facts, it can be said that Nvidia stocks represent an interesting investment opportunity. The company has demonstrated good results in the second quarter and has a good chance of further success. However, it is important to remember the risks associated with investing in stocks. The stock market is always unstable, and the price of Nvidia stocks may fluctuate.

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