Startup Carhartt X-1: Heated smart vest with AI

Smart clothes with heating today will not surprise anyone. For example, many manufacturers have been producing heated jackets and vests for a long time. However, the Carhartt X-1 Smart Heated Vest uses AI to automatically regulate heat levels.

The Carhartt X-1 vest has recently gone on official sale. AI is used to optimize the temperature, and all settings are made in a special mobile application.

The vest supports Bluetooth to communicate with the app on your smartphone. This vest was developed by Clim8, a smart clothing company. Support for artificial intelligence automatically determines the type of activity, sets up comfortable heating, controls the temperature, including taking into account the type of outerwear.

Outwardly, the black and gray vest does not differ from ordinary clothes. The external distinguishing feature is only the presence of an LED indicator, which is located in the lower right part. The left pocket has a port for connecting a portable battery. To connect a smart vest to a smartphone, the user needs to install the Clim8 mobile application. In the settings of the mobile application, you must specify some information about yourself: age, gender, sensitivity to cold, type of activity and type of outerwear you wear. The application also uses vest usage statistics.

An employee of The Verge tested the smart vest on himself. He liked the quick heating of the vest to a comfortable temperature. The main complaint concerns the size of the battery, which turned out to be slightly smaller than the power supply for the MacBook. In the process of wearing, due to the large battery, there is some discomfort. A full charge of the battery lasts just over an hour of continuous use. Therefore, the vest is not suitable for long walks and outdoor training in cold weather. For short walks, the Carhartt X-1 Heated Vest is the perfect solution. In general, the vest turned out to be much more comfortable than other previous models that have appeared on the market recently.

This model costs $220. The novelty will be an excellent solution for those who constantly work outdoors. You can always turn on the heating at any time.

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