Rivian (RIVN) Price Target and Stock Forecast

Leading analytical firms have published forecasts for Rivian (RIVN) stocks for the year 2024 (meaning the forecast should come true within the next 12 months). We consider only the latest target prices recently published by analytical firms. The majority of analytical firms have assigned a consensus rating of "Neutral" to Rivian (RIVN) stocks. The average target price for the next 12 months is $22.70. Forecasts on the site are updated once a month.

The history of Rivian (RIVN) company

About the company: Rivian is an innovative company founded in 2009, focused on the development and production of high-performance electric vehicles. The history of this automotive company began with the ambitious project of founder Robert Scaringe, who already had rich experience in the automotive industry. Today, Rivian is a leader in the world of electric vehicle technology. The company is one of the pioneers in the development of electric pickup trucks and SUVs. One of Rivian's main products is the R1T, an electric pickup truck that has been a breakthrough in the industry. The R1T has a unique design, high off-road capability, and long range, making it perfect for any adventurous journey. Rivian also offers the R1S, an electric SUV that combines modern style, spacious interior, and incredible power for long-distance travel. The company aims to change the perception of electric vehicles by offering impressive performance and convenience. Rivian is also actively expanding its network of charging stations to provide convenience for its customers. The company understands the importance of environmental sustainability and therefore strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment in the production of its vehicles. Rivian collaborates with top engineers and designers to create innovative and high-quality products. The company is also actively working on the development of autonomous driving technology and other advanced technologies to enhance safety and comfort during driving. Rivian is not just an automotive company, but a movement aimed at creating a sustainable future for the automotive industry. Its unique products and services make it an integral part of the electric vehicle revolution.

Rivian (RIVN) Stock 12 Month Forecast

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Rivian Automotive RIVN

Exchange Ticker = RIVN

Average target price for the next 12 months = $22,70

Consensus rating = Neutral

Average target price

data from all analysts is taken into account



Rivian (RIVN) Stock Latest Price Targets

FORECAST FROM 07/11/2023

Analytical firm "Barclays Capital"

Will be fulfilled by the date 07/10/2024


FORECAST FROM 07/10/2023

Analytical firm "Wedbush"

Will be fulfilled by the date 07/06/2024


FORECAST FROM 05/30/2023

Analytical firm "JP Morgan"

Will be fulfilled by the date 04/24/2024


FORECAST FROM 05/17/2023

Analytical firm "Deutsche Bank"

Will be fulfilled by the date 05/10/2024


FORECAST FROM 05/15/2023

Analytical firm "Wells Fargo Securities"

Will be fulfilled by the date 05/04/2024


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