Microsoft Financial Year 2023 Fourth Quarter Report

Microsoft’s (MSFT) Q4 2023 financial report showed positive results, exceeding market expectations. The company’s revenue reached $56.2 billion, which is 8% higher than the previous year. Net profit increased by 20% to $20.08 billion, while operating profit grew by 18% to $24.25 billion. Earnings per share (EPS GAAP) also increased by 21% to $2.69.

Microsoft Financial Year 2023 Fourth Quarter Report

Table with data: Microsoft (MSFT) report for Q4 2023 fiscal year

IndicatorValueChange (YoY)
Revenue$56.2 billion↑ +8%
Net income$20.08 billion↑ +20%
Operating income$24.25 billion↑ +18%
EPS GAAP$2.69↑ +21%
Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Revenue$24 billion↑ +1%

Despite positive results, the company’s stocks fell by 3.7% in the post-market. This may be due to investor disappointment who were expecting higher figures. However, despite this, it is expected that the company’s good performance can have a positive impact on its stocks in the near future.

One of the reasons for the market’s negative reaction may be the increase in expenses for building new data processing centers to support artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft is actively investing in the development of cloud services such as Azure and other AI technologies, which may raise concerns among investors regarding the profitability of these investments.

However, it is worth noting that the revenue from Microsoft Intelligent Cloud, which includes cloud services like Azure, exceeded expectations and reached $24 billion. This indicates a growing demand for cloud technologies and confirms the strategic importance of the company’s investments in this area.

Overall, Microsoft’s report for the fourth quarter of 2023 showed positive results, surpassing market expectations. Despite investor’s negative reaction, it is expected that the company’s good performance and its investments in cloud technologies will contribute to its further growth and success in the market.

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