Qualcomm publishes Q2 2023 financial report

Qualcomm has published its financial report for Q2 2023, which highlights a decrease in revenue and profitability. The decline in demand for mobile devices, as well as other products of the company, turned out to be more significant than expected.

Table: Qualcomm’s financial report for Q2 2023 financial year

IndicatorValueChange (YoY)
Revenue$9.28 billion↓ -17%
Operating profit$2.09 billion↓ -46%
Net profit$1.70 billion↓ -42%
Earnings per share (EPS)$1.52↓ -41%

Qualcomm’s revenue for the specified period was $9.28 billion, which is 17% lower compared to the same period last year. The company’s operating profit decreased by 46% to $2.09 billion, while net income decreased by 42% to $1.70 billion. Earnings per share (EPS) also decreased by 41% to $1.52.

Qualcomm produces semiconductors, provides communication services, and licenses its technologies. It is one of the largest suppliers of chips for smartphones and mobile devices, and is also involved in the development of 5G technologies.

However, as noted in the report, the decline in demand for mobile devices exceeded the company’s expectations. This, in turn, led to a decrease in demand for Qualcomm’s products and a reduction in revenue.

Qualcomm’s shares also fell by 6.6% in after-hours trading on Wednesday, indicating that investors are reacting to the report.


The company’s management noted that this decrease in profit is not related to any problems within the company, but is due to external factors related to the global economic situation. However, the 6.6% drop in Qualcomm’s stock prices after the report’s publication suggests that investors did not respond positively to these results.

Nevertheless, the company continues to work on developing new technologies, including in the field of the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles. Qualcomm’s products are used in many mobile devices, and the company remains a leader in its industry. It is expected that demand for these products may increase in the future (especially against the backdrop of the AI and neural networks boom), which will allow the company to return to its previous financial performance level. Qualcomm, however, continues to work on developing 5G technologies and other innovative products that should help it return to growth and increase its revenue in the future.

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