Bloomberg: Rockstar Games Prepares for GTA 6 Announcement in the Near Future

In exciting news for gaming enthusiasts and investors, Bloomberg reports that Rockstar Games, a division of Take-Two Interactive, is gearing up to announce the highly anticipated next installment of the iconic Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6, sometime this week. Furthermore, as part of Rockstar’s 25th anniversary celebrations in December, the company plans to release a trailer for GTA 6. With no official comment from Rockstar Games yet, the anticipation surrounding this announcement continues to grow.

Bloomberg Rockstar Games Prepares for GTA 6 Announcement in the Near Future

Grand Theft Auto V’s Success and Expectations for GTA 6

No other video game has generated as much excitement among fans and investors as Grand Theft Auto VI. Its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto V, sold over 185 million copies and currently holds the second-highest sales record of all time, only trailing behind Minecraft, which benefits from its availability on smartphones. Given this immense success, the forthcoming release of GTA 6 is expected to be one of the biggest gaming events of the decade.

Hacker Leak and Rockstar’s Response

Last year, hackers leaked several hours of early gameplay from GTA 6, causing a stir among fans. Rockstar Games, however, remained firm in its stance that it would unveil the next game when it was ready. Following the leak, two teenagers from the United Kingdom were convicted for their involvement in the hacking incident.

GTA 6 Leaks and Rumors

According to leaks and rumors, GTA 6 will feature Vice City as its setting and will introduce two protagonists, a male and a female character. This dual protagonist approach is a departure from previous Grand Theft Auto games, adding a new layer of depth to the narrative and gameplay experience.


With the news of Rockstar Games’ imminent announcement of GTA 6, excitement among fans and investors is reaching new heights. The success of Grand Theft Auto V has set high expectations for its successor, and the leaks and rumors surrounding GTA 6 have only intensified the anticipation. As we eagerly await official confirmation and more details from Rockstar Games, it is clear that GTA 6 is poised to be a monumental release, shaping the gaming landscape of the coming years.

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