Top 24 Stocks with High Growth Potential According to the Best Analysts on Wall Street

According to the report by fintech company TipRanks, top Wall Street analysts have a list of 24 stocks with high growth potential and a “buy” recommendation. These stocks have the highest growth potential and target prices compiled by the best analysts.

Currently, stock market forecasts remain uncertain despite the return of a bull market in the technology sector in the second quarter. The economic situation continues to be ambiguous. The bond market signals a possibility of a recession due to yield curve inversion, while a strong labor market and stock growth indicate a strong and resilient US economy.

Which stocks do Wall Street analysts consider the best? TipRanks, a company that compiles and analyzes stock market data, has created a list of stocks that top analysts love the most.

Here is the latest list of stocks, including American companies, that analysts have given a “strong buy” rating. For convenience, we have created a table that includes the average target price for 12 months and the percentage growth potential from the current price. All target prices were published by analysts in the last three months.

TipRanks assigns four or five stars to the best analysts based on three main criteria:

  1. The analyst’s average income from their recommendations.
  2. The profit or loss from their recommendations.
  3. The volume of corrections and transactions they make.

According to the report, Coherus Biosciences has the highest stock growth potential – analysts forecast a 340% increase in the price of this company’s stocks.

TOP 24 stocks with high growth potential according to Wall Street analysts

#CompanyTickerMarket CapTop Analysts’ Price TargetUpside
1Coherus BiosciencesCHRS$382.48M$18.27340.77%
3Pliant TherapeuticsPLRX$1.13B$46.17151.06%
5Viking TherapeuticsVKTX$1.55B$33.42113.55%
7Vertex EnergyVTNR$537.82M$12.5107.3%
8Xponential FitnessVTNR$537.82M$12.5107.3%
10Roivant SciencesROIV$7.64B$18.6787.36%
11CymaBay TherapeuticsCBAY$787.91M$14.7185.03%
12Arrowhead PharmaceuticalsARWR$3.95B$6681.67%
14Frontier Group HoldingsULCC$2.10B$16.8879.67%
15Sarepta TherapeuticsSRPT$10.42B$195.8673.56%
16Franklin Covey CompanyFC$494.96M$7264.12%
17ACM ResearchACMR$769.39M$21.6763.55%
18Syndax PharmaceuticalsSNDX$1.46B$33.4062.93%
19Madrigal PharmaceuticalsMDGL$4.05B$357.5762.44%
20Aviat NetworksAVNW$367.36M$53.6761.34%
21Arch ResourcesARCH$2.08B$178.3356.83%
22Ascendis PharmaASND$4.89B$13453.6%
23Northland PowerNPIFF$6.86B$30.4348.32%
24PureCycle TechnologiesPCT$1.59B$15.547.76%

Top 3 Stocks according to Wall Street analysts:

  • Coherus Biosciences (CHRS): Coherus Biosciences, an innovative biotechnology company, has significant growth potential. Its market capitalization is $382.48M, and Wall Street analysts estimate its target price at $18.27, which implies a potential growth of 340.77%. The company is actively involved in the development of new biological drugs, making it attractive to investors seeking high returns from the growing biotechnology market.
  • Backblaze (BLZE): Backblaze is an innovative company specializing in cloud data storage. Its market capitalization is $134.16M, and Wall Street analysts forecast a stock price growth to $10.63, which implies a potential growth of 156.76%. With the increasing demand for cloud services and data storage, Backblaze is a promising investment for those seeking high returns in the information technology industry.
  • Pliant Therapeutics (PLRX): Pliant Therapeutics is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative drugs. With a market capitalization of $1.13B and a target stock price determined by Wall Street analysts at $46.17, the company has a potential growth of 151.06%. This makes Pliant Therapeutics an attractive investment for those seeking high returns from the growing biotechnology industry. With active development of new drugs, the company has great potential for successful growth.

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