Tesla (TSLA) Stock Forecast for 2024 |

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Forecast

Leading analytical firms have published forecasts for Tesla (TSLA) stocks in 2024. This means that the forecast should be fulfilled within the next 12 months. We are only taking into account the latest target prices recently published by analytical firms. The majority of analytical firms have assigned a "neutral" consensus rating to Tesla (TSLA) stocks. Tesla (TSLA) stocks are trading at a price of $187.85 as of April 17, 2023. The possible growth/decline potential compared to the current price is -2.36%. The average target price for the next 12 months is $183.4. These forecasts are updated on a monthly basis.

About the Company: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) is an American company specializing in the production of electric cars, solar panels, and energy systems. It was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, and in 2004, billionaire Elon Musk joined them. Tesla is primarily known for its electric cars, which are considered some of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient on the market. The first Tesla Roadster was released in 2008 and became the first mass-produced electric car that could travel over 320 km on a single charge. In addition to producing electric cars, Tesla also produces solar panels and energy systems. The company offers solutions for home use, as well as for commercial and industrial buildings. Tesla's systems allow for the use of solar energy to produce electricity and store it in batteries for later use. In 2020, Tesla became the world's most valuable car company by market capitalization, surpassing Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, and other major players in the market. The company continues to actively develop, launching new models of electric cars, expanding the production of solar panels, and improving its energy systems. Despite facing a number of difficulties and problems throughout its history, Tesla continues to amaze the world with its innovations and technological solutions. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, continues to act as a leader and instigator of a number of ambitious projects aimed at creating a more environmentally friendly and efficient world.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock 12 Month Forecast

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Exchange Ticker = TSLA

Stock Price as of April 17, 2023 = $187,85

Potential growth/decline over the next 12 months according to analysts = -2,36%

Average target price for the next 12 months = $183,4

Consensus rating = Neutral

Price as of 04/17/2023


Forecast (average target price for the next 12 months)

$183,4 (-2,36%)

Latest Price Targets for Tesla (TSLA) Stock

FORECAST FROM 04/12/2023
Analyst "Bank of America"

Target to be fulfilled by 02/16/2024 = 225 (+19,78%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 04/10/2023
Analyst "Guggenheim Partners"

Target to be fulfilled by 02/06/2024 = $105 (-44,1%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 04/04/2023
Analyst "Goldman Sachs"

Target to be fulfilled by 04/03/2024 = $225 (+19,78%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 04/04/2023
Analyst "TD Cowen"

Target to be fulfilled by 04/03/2024 = $170 (-9,5%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 03/28/2023
Analyst "Citigroup"

Target to be fulfilled by 03/27/2024 = $192 (+2,21%)

Growth potential in %

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