Morgan Stanley Forecast: Target Price for Microsoft Shares Raised to $415

Capitalization of Microsoft is expected to reach over $3 trillion by 2024, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley.

Microsoft, one of the largest and most successful IT companies in the world, is projected to achieve a market capitalization of over $3 trillion by 2024, according to experts from Morgan Stanley. This will be possible due to the successful implementation of generative artificial intelligence (AI), which will lead to an increase in stock prices and make them more attractive to investors.

Key drivers of Microsoft’s stock growth

Analysts at Morgan Stanley have identified several key factors that will contribute to the growth of Microsoft’s stock. Firstly, significant expansion of business processes that can be automated using generative AI. This will allow the company to significantly increase its efficiency and profitability.

Secondly, software automation will become one of the key areas of Microsoft’s development. Thanks to generative AI, the company will be able to create innovative solutions and products that will greatly improve the efficiency of customers’ business processes.

The third advantage of Microsoft is that the company has one of the best positions in the field of software monetization using generative AI. This gives it a significant competitive advantage over other companies in the industry.

Another factor that will contribute to the growth of Microsoft’s stock is its reasonable valuation with a large market capitalization. The company already holds a leading position in the market, and its stocks are an attractive investment.

Target price for Microsoft shares by Morgan Stanley

On Friday, July 7, 2023, Microsoft shares closed at $337.27 per share. In light of the forecasted growth of Microsoft shares, analysts from Morgan Stanley have raised the target price to $415. This indicates that Microsoft will become one of the main beneficiaries of generative AI and represents one of the best choices for software investors.

Success of the chatbot ChatGPT, in which Microsoft has invested

It is important to note that Microsoft is one of the main investors in the chatbot ChatGPT. This chatbot was developed by OpenAI and utilizes generative AI to provide a unique conversational experience for users. Investments in such innovative projects demonstrate Microsoft’s strategic approach to the development of generative AI and its potential profitability. ChatGPT allows users to interact with AI, ask questions, receive human-like responses, and even be entertained.

In conclusion, the predictions from Morgan Stanley experts about Microsoft’s market capitalization exceeding $3 trillion by 2024, thanks to generative AI, confirm the company’s potential and make its shares most attractive to investors. The success of the chatbot ChatGPT, in which the company has invested, showcases Microsoft’s strategic focus on the development and application of generative AI.

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