Impressions from the trip to Dubai. Day one

Good day. On my website, I have opened a section called “Personal Blog” where I will share my impressions and various events in life.
The first time I visited Dubai was in 2013. I went on vacation with my mother. In 2013, I was about 21 years old. My mother didn’t really like Dubai back then because we went in the hottest month – July. The temperature in July was around +50 degrees Celsius. Considering that my mother doesn’t really like such heat, she didn’t enjoy the vacation much. Additionally, she preferred nature more, but Dubai doesn’t have much nature, only skyscrapers and sand.

Currently, I am 31 years old, and on November 18, 2023, I will be 32 years old.

And now, after 10 years, I went to Dubai for the second time with my wife. Dubai was chosen as the destination for our honeymoon. The time of year was chosen more favorable. The honeymoon was planned for March. In this month, Dubai has comfortable weather – around +26-32 degrees Celsius.

We arrived closer to lunchtime. We were checked into the hotel around 2:00 PM. The hotel is called Marina View (4 stars). It is located in the trendy area of Dubai Marina. Overall, the hotel seemed decent to me, although the rooms were a bit worn out. The cost of our stay also included meals (breakfast and dinner). We unpacked in the room, rested a bit, and went straight to the pool to swim.

It was a hot day, and we wanted to cool off. After the pool, we took a walk around the Dubai Marina area. We bought camel milk at the supermarket. It tasted slightly salty compared to cow’s milk.

In the evening, we went to the sea (specifically, the Persian Gulf). The walk from the hotel to the beach took about 15 minutes on foot. The path to the beach passed through skyscrapers.

I can’t say that the skyscrapers in Dubai Marina impressed me much. Most of the tall buildings looked similar to each other. Only a few skyscrapers stood out with their interesting design.

The beach was beautiful, surrounded by skyscrapers on all sides since Dubai Marina is considered one of the tallest areas in the world. The beach was clean, with no litter. The water in March was quite comfortable. The beach also offered a stunning view of the Dubai Eye observation wheel. Currently, the observation wheel in Dubai is considered the tallest in the world. However, it was not operating in March 2023, so we couldn’t take a ride.

After the beach, we went to have dinner at the hotel.

The day was long and tiring as the journey from our home to the hotel, including the flight, took about 24 hours, and we had hardly slept for a day. So, we practically spent the whole day on the road. Therefore, on the first day, we decided to take a short evening stroll around the Dubai Marina area and go to bed.

The impressions on the first day of vacation were unclear. Probably because we were very tired.