Apple is testing a new AI tool, Apple GPT chatbot

Apple continues to work on the development of its services and products, including the new AI tool, “Apple GPT,” which is a step in this direction. This tool will be used for automatic text generation and speech synthesis in multiple languages, which can enhance the quality and speed of Apple’s services.

Apple has taken an important step in the development of artificial intelligence, which can help the company remain competitive and offer high-quality products. However, the test results currently do not have a direct impact on the market and do not indicate significant changes in the near future.

Work has been underway for several months on the development of Apple GPT. To create their chatbot, the company has used the Ajax framework. Currently, a team of specialists is busy training the artificial intelligence and developing secure technologies to protect user data. According to Bloomberg, Apple decided to develop Apple GPT to keep up with new technologies and compete with ChatGPT. However, the progress made by the specialists in creating Apple GPT is unknown.

Nevertheless, Apple continues to strive for improvement in its products and services, with the use of artificial intelligence being one of the key directions in this process. In the future, Apple GPT could become an important component of the Apple ecosystem, offering users more convenient and intuitive solutions. This new tool will enhance the functionality of various Apple services such as Siri and Apple News, providing users with a better overall experience using the company’s products.

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