Xiaomi has created a wireless “smart” skipping rope with Bluetooth support

Xiaomi, as part of crowdfunding, introduced the Mijia Smart Skipping Rope with wireless mode. This was reported by the publication ItHome.

The device has two handles, which are equipped with weights at each end. The weights create the feeling that you are jumping on a regular rope. In this case, there is no danger of tripping or hitting a long cord. Therefore, a smart jump rope is a safer device for sports than the traditional version.

However, if necessary, the device can be turned into a regular jump rope by attaching a cord to the handle.

Mijia Smart Skipping Rope (1)

The device is also equipped with three Hall sensors for monitoring workouts and recording jumps. In addition, the device is equipped with a display that shows the calories burned, including the number of jumps made.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, the Mijia Smart Skipping Rope syncs with your smartphone and allows you to view your workout statistics through the dedicated Mi Fitness app. The device needs to be charged via USB-C. One charge is enough for the device to work for 20 days, if every day you practice for 30 minutes.

So far, the Xiaomi sports gadget is only available through crowdfunding. When it hits the market, it will be priced around 129 yuan (roughly $19).

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