What’s next for the virtual reality market? Forecasts from IDC

The VR market could expect a crash in the near future due to the high price of VR headsets. Analysts believe that technology giants Apple and Sony will be able to save the VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) market. In the next three years, sales of VR and AR devices may collapse to an all-time low. By 2026, the number of VR devices sold will be no more than 35 million copies. Such data is provided by the American company IDC (International Data Corporation).

  As an example, analysts cite the tablet market, which cannot compete with smartphones. The tablet market is shrinking every year. Decrease in sales of tablets is due to the fact that all the necessary functions are already in smartphones. According to the forecast, by 2026 the number of tablets sold will be only 40 million pieces. Smartphone sales, on the contrary, will grow at a rapid pace – more than 1 billion smartphones a year.

High prices are the main negative factor that will slow down the demand for VR and AR headsets. Sales of gadgets for interaction with virtual reality can decrease by almost 13% by the end of 2022. The decline in demand for VR and AR headsets is due to the difficult economic conditions in the world. However, analysts believe that all is not lost for the virtual reality market. The release of new VR and AR gadgets from Sony and Apple can change the situation for the better.

Tim Cook (Apple CEO) has repeatedly said that the company has plans to develop the virtual reality market. However, Apple is about to release an augmented reality (AR) device. The first headset from Apple became known back in January 2021. Then insiders claimed that Apple plans to release a headset with ten cameras and two displays with a resolution of 8K. However, in 2022, this gadget was not presented.

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