The Chinese showed the fastest charging in the world with a power of 300 W

The Redmi brand, which is owned by the Chinese company Xiaomi, has demonstrated the fastest 300W charging. Full charge time from 0 to 100% will be about 5 minutes. True, Xiaomi has not yet created a mass-produced smartphone with support for 300W charging.

The charging process is shown in a 40-second video, which is recorded in accelerated mode. In the video, an electronic clock was placed next to the gadget, which shows the charging time. The gadget took only 4 minutes 59 seconds to charge the battery from 0 to 100%. As a demonstration of the fast charging functionality, a modified Redmi Note 12 Discovery smartphone was chosen, which is equipped with a 4100 mAh battery (the standard version has a battery capacity of 4300 mAh). The process of charging from 0 to 50% takes only 2 minutes 11 seconds, and after 5 minutes the battery is charged to 100%.

The GSMArena profile portal shared its opinion on fast charging. The smartphone only reaches 290W for a few seconds, and after that the battery charges at a lower power, but the figures are also impressive. The declared power of 300 W is the theoretical maximum that this technology can achieve. The manufacturer slightly limited the power for safety reasons.

Representatives of the Redmi brand confirmed that the peak power during the charging process was 290 W for several seconds, and then charging for 2 minutes worked at 280 W. This power is enough to charge the gadget from 0 to 50% in just two minutes. To date, this is a new record in the field of fast charging. When the first smartphone with support for the fastest 300W charging will appear, it is not reported.

The GT Neo 5 smartphone from the Chinese company Realme now offers the fastest 240W charging. GT Neo 5 was introduced in early February 2023. From 0 to 50%, the device charges in just 4 minutes, and the full charge process takes less than 10 minutes. 30 seconds of battery recharge provide about 2 hours of phone talk time.

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