Southwest Airlines (LUV) Stock Forecast and Price Target

Southwest Airlines (LUV) is a major American airline that operates a vast domestic network. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the company has been providing low-fare flights since 1971. Due to its popularity and reputation, Southwest Airlines (LUV) is a highly recognized brand in the aviation industry. As a result, investors keep a watchful eye on the company and its stock price. In recent months, leading analyst firms have published their forecasts for Southwest Airlines (LUV) stock for 2024. The latest price targets from these firms indicate that the consensus rating for Southwest Airlines (LUV) stock is "Buy". As of March 30, 2023, the stock is trading at a price of $31.87, with an upside potential of +53.75% from this current price. The average target price for the next 12 months is predicted to be $49,00. These forecasts are updated on a monthly basis.

Southwest Airlines (LUV) Stock 12 Month Forecast

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Southwest Airlines LUV

Exchange Ticker = LUV

Stock Price as of March 30, 2023 = $31.87

Upside potential over the next 12 months according to analysts = +53.75%

Average target price for the next 12 months = $49,00

Consensus rating = "Buy"

Price as of 03/30/2023:


Forecast (average target price for the next 12 months)

$49,00 (+53.75%)

Latest Price Targets for Southwest Airlines (LUV) Stock

FORECAST FROM 03/17/2023
Analytical firm "Morgan Stanley"

Will be fulfilled by the date 01/30/2024 = $63 (+97.68%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 03/13/2023
Analytical firm "Barclays Capital"

Will be fulfilled by the date 03/09/2024 = $38 (+19.23%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 03/03/2023
Analytical firm "Bank of America"

Will be fulfilled by the date 01/10/2024 = $42 (+31.79%)

Growth potential in %
FORECAST FROM 01/30/2023
Analytical firm "Deutsche Bank"

Will be fulfilled by the date 01/26/2024 = $52 (+63.16%)

Growth potential in %

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