OnePlus 11 smartphone passed the durability test

Blogger Zack Nelson, testing the strength of smartphones, tested the new OnePlus 11. The video was published on the YouTube channel of the author “JerryRigEverything”, which has more than 7.5 million subscribers.

First of all, the blogger tested the screen of the OnePlus 11 smartphone for strength. The blogger cut with a clerical knife and scratched with a tool; under the pressure of a six-finger punch, many scratches formed on the tempered glass Gorilla Glass Victus. Nelson then did the same with the fingerprint scanning area. After several attempts, the scanner stopped responding.

In addition, the AMOLED panel has passed the ignition test. The blogger used a lighter; for 50 seconds, the flame checked the protective glass and the matrix. The smartphone passed the fire test, as everything continued to function after the tests.

The camera is the most durable. Nelson used a utility knife to scratch the protective glass of the camera block. Not a single scratch was found on the camera block. The metal frame, on the contrary, was easily scratched. In a bend test, the display and frame remained intact, while the back cover cracked.

The blogger praised the smartphone. OnePlus has managed to improve the quality of smartphones compared to the previous generation. After numerous tests, OnePlus 11, although it lost its original appearance, retained its functionality. The previous generation devices, OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 10T, received lower scores after testing, Nelson recalls.

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