Nvidia: The history and success of the company that became a leader in the graphics processor industry

Beginning of the Journey: Founding Nvidia and First Steps in the Graphics Processor Industry

Nvidia was founded in the USA in 1993 by Tony Tam and Jensen Huang. The company’s main goal was to create high-quality graphics processors for computers and video games that could provide improved graphics and performance.

The company’s first graphics processors were based on the RIVA technology, which was developed in 1995. These processors provided improved graphics and performance compared to previous models.

Revolutionary Solution: GeForce 256 and a New Level of Graphics Performance

In 1999, the company introduced the world’s first graphics processor with hardware acceleration of 3D graphics – GeForce 256. This processor was a revolutionary solution that provided improved graphics and performance, as well as support for new technologies such as 3D acceleration and CPU load reduction.

Market Conquest: Collaboration with Major Computer and Video Game Manufacturers

Several years after the release of GeForce 256, Nvidia began actively collaborating with major computer and video game manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sony, and others. Thanks to this collaboration, the company gained a significant market share and became a leader in the graphics processor industry.

Technology Evolution: CUDA, Ray Tracing, and other Innovations in the Graphics Processor Industry

Nvidia continues to develop new technologies in the graphics processor industry. In 2007, they introduced CUDA technology, which allowed graphics processors to be used for computational tasks. In 2018, the company introduced Ray Tracing technology, which significantly improved the quality of graphics in video games.

Global Success: Sales, Awards, and Recognition from the World Community

Over the years, Nvidia has received numerous awards and recognition from the global community. It was awarded the “Best Product of the Year” award at CES in 2007, as well as many other awards from various organizations and magazines.

Today, Nvidia continues to lead in the graphics processor industry, providing high-quality graphics and performance in computers, video games, and other areas. Its products are used by many major companies and organizations around the world, confirming its success and significance in the industry.

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