Lenovo stretchable laptop unveiled at MWC 2023

Lenovo at MWC 2023 introduced a concept device – a stretchable laptop.

This novelty is not a serial model, but almost a completely finished gadget. Unfortunately, the journalists were not allowed to hold the laptop in their hands and try how it works in reality.

The novelty has an unusual shape: the screen is elongated, more like a smartphone or tablet

The Lenovo ThinkBook laptop comes standard with a 12.7-inch screen, making it a small device that’s easy to take on the go. However, using a dedicated switch, the display can be enlarged up to 15.3 inches. The process of switching from standard mode to full format takes about 10 seconds. The process of increasing the diagonal of the laptop screen is carried out due to small motors. The screen rolls back under the laptop keyboard.

In the standard format, the screen resolution is 2024 × 1604 pixels, and in the unfolded format it is 2024 × 2368 pixels. The resolution for such a laptop is quite high. Therefore, in theory, the image on a laptop should be of high quality and sharp.

Nothing was said about other technical characteristics, including processor parameters, RAM size and device weight. They also did not say about the release date of the laptop. Even if a serial version appears on sale, it is unlikely that this laptop will be powerful and affordable. Most likely we will get a laptop with average technical characteristics and high cost.

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