Introduced smart ceiling chandelier Magic Lamp with built-in projector

In our lives, there are more and more smart devices and gadgets that perform several functions. This novelty includes the smart chandelier Magic Lamp with a built-in projector and a stereo system. The chandelier not only performs its standard functions, but also allows you to show movies. The developer of this device is the Chinese company XGIMI.

Visually, the device is indistinguishable from a standard ceiling lamp. With Magic Lamp, you can turn any room or space into a home theater. The chandelier has a built-in HD projector and a multi-sound speaker for high-quality sound reproduction. This design solution allowed the developers to remove long wires. The built-in projector in the chandelier does not require additional space and will not interfere with various interior items.

The projector has a 32-degree axis offset. Thus, the projector is able to move the video up or down within a range of 1 meter. The maximum resolution is 1080p (HD) and the brightness is 900 ANSI. The Harman Kardon sound system is responsible for sound reproduction, which supports Dolby and DTS audio.

This novelty should appear on the Chinese market in 2023. After some time, the device will appear on international platforms. The estimated cost of the smart projector chandelier is $1170.

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