Citigroup (C) Price Target and Stock Forecast

Leading analytical firms have published forecasts for Citigroup (C) stocks for 2024 (the forecast should materialize within the next 12 months). We are considering only the latest target prices recently published by analytical firms. The majority of analytical firms have assigned a consensus rating of "buy" to Citigroup (C) stocks. The average target price for the next 12 months is $53.80. Forecasts on the site are updated once a month.

The history of Citigroup

About the company: Citigroup is one of the largest financial companies in the world with a rich history and a successful development path. It was founded in 1812 under the name City Bank of New York and currently provides a wide range of banking and financial services. Initially, the company focused on serving large clients and entrepreneurs, but over time it expanded its operations to serve both individuals and corporate clients. Citigroup became the first company to offer customers the use of credit cards to meet their financial needs. This was a breakthrough moment in the history of banking and led to a revolution in payment systems. In 1998, Citigroup acquired Travelers Group, an insurance company, and became the first integrated financial company offering a wide range of products and services. This allowed customers to access all the necessary financial services in one place. One of the most significant historical moments for Citigroup was its involvement in the 2008 financial crisis. The company suffered huge losses, but thanks to effective restructuring and reforms, it was able to regain profitability and stability. Citigroup actively participates in international operations and has branches and representative offices in many countries around the world. It provides services in asset management, investment banking, personal and corporate loans, insurance, securities trading, and other types of operations. One of Citigroup's key features is its commitment to innovation and the use of modern technologies. The company actively invests in the development of new digital solutions and offers customers convenient and secure online services. Citigroup actively participates in charitable and social programs aimed at supporting education, healthcare, and the development of local communities. The company recognizes its responsibility to its clients and society as a whole. Citigroup is a leader in the financial industry and continues to evolve, adapting to new market challenges and requirements. Its unique history and innovative approach make it a key player in the global financial system.

Citigroup (C) Stock 12 Month Forecast

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Exchange Ticker = C

Average target price for the next 12 months = $53,80

Consensus rating = "Buy"

Average target price

data from all analysts is taken into account



Citigroup (C) Stock Latest Price Targets

FORECAST FROM 07/21/2023

Analytical firm "UBS"

Will be fulfilled by the date 07/10/2024


FORECAST FROM 07/19/2023

Analytical firm "Freedom Finance"

Will be fulfilled by the date 07/17/2024


FORECAST FROM 07/18/2023

Analytical firm "BMO Capital Markets"

Will be fulfilled by the date 07/17/2024


FORECAST FROM 07/14/2023

Analytical firm "Jefferies"

Will be fulfilled by the date 11/07/2024


FORECAST FROM 06/29/2023

Analytical firm "Wells Fargo Securities"

Will be fulfilled by the date 07/17/2024


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