Best Stocks on the American Market in 2023: Recommendations from Morgan Stanley |

Best Stocks on the American Market in 2023: Recommendations from Morgan Stanley

Interested in investing in the American stock market? Find out which companies analyst Morgan Stanley Investment Management recommends and which stocks are considered the most promising in 2023.

The American stock market is one of the most interesting and promising for investors. Due to its high volatility and growth potential, many seek profitable investments in this market. However, experts warn of possible risks for investors, especially in light of the economic uncertainty and possible changes in government policy.

In light of these risks, analyst Andrew Slimmon of Morgan Stanley Investment Management believes that it is currently worth refraining from investing in stocks of large technology companies from the FAANG group, including stocks of regional banks in the United States. Instead, he recommends that investors look at stocks of companies with classic revenues and stable sectors of the economy.

The expert has identified several attractive stocks in the US market for 2023. These include the energy company NextEra Energy and the waste management and disposal company Waste Management. The Waste Management company not only specializes in waste processing but also converts waste into energy. Thus, during the period of economic uncertainty, the stocks of this company act as a defensive asset.

Andrew Slimmon also suggests paying attention to Pool Corp, a company that installs pools, and Applied Materials, a semiconductor manufacturer. At the same time, the analyst continues to find “attractively priced” securities of companies related to infrastructure, oil refining, building materials, and semiconductors.

The table below shows the most promising stocks on the US market in 2023 according to analyst Andrew Slimmon from Morgan Stanley:

NextEra EnergyRenewable energy sector
Waste ManagementWaste processing, energy production
Pool CorpPool installation
Applied MaterialsSemiconductor production

Familiarize yourself with the strengths of NextEra Energy, Waste Management, Pool Corp, and Applied Materials and conduct your own risk and potential return assessment. However, it should be remembered that investments in the stock market are always associated with risk. Therefore, before making a decision to invest, investors should conduct their own risk and potential return assessment.

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