AI gradually penetrates into various fields of activity

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to expand its presence and integrate into various fields of activity. One such field is Hollywood, where AI is already starting to perform tasks previously carried out by screenwriters. For example, chatbots are successfully writing scripts, which could lead to a reduction in labor costs for screenwriters. There are also plans for digitizing actors, allowing studios to use their copies and only pay them royalties. This raises questions about the future of the acting profession and the possibility of creating Hollywood masterpieces without the involvement of real people.

Another field where AI has already found its place is dating. In the realm of dating, AI offers services that allow people to communicate with partners using neural networks. This simplifies and automates the process of searching for and interacting with different individuals, but also raises some ethical questions. For instance, a service called Cupidbot has emerged, offering the opportunity to communicate with a person of interest through a neural network or even simultaneously communicate with multiple potential partners. Using such a service would only cost $5 per month.

Corporations are also actively incorporating AI into their work. Neural networks assist programmers, designers, and accountants in performing routine tasks such as writing code, business emails, creating social media posts, responding to customer inquiries, generating images, and presentations. As a result, there is a risk of the disappearance or transformation of some office workers’ jobs, but the majority of working professions will be preserved, undergoing changes with the help of neural networks. The complete replacement of humans by AI remains an open question that requires further research and development.

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